B. K. PATEL & CO., with 3 partners and further supported by qualified professionals and trained staff, is committed to providing a range of professional services, tailored to match each client's needs in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Through these services and the support and advice we offer, we aim to make a real contribution to the profitability of every client's business and their personal financial well being. With its existence of more than 38 years, the firm has specialized in the fields of Audit, Corporate and Non-corporate Taxation, Company Law, Foreign Exchange Regulations, Service Tax, VAT, GST and other allied laws. It has also gained specialization in the study, analysis and designing of suitable accounting systems of various corporate in private as well as public sectors.

  • The Firm is established with the primary objective to provide and render professional services in the fields of Finance, Taxation, Business Advisory services and Other Multi-disciplinary services.
  • We have a team of professional expertise equipped with skills, knowledge and experience, which constantly strive to achieve client satisfaction through value added services.
  • The Firm has built rich experience since incorporation leading their clients to excel in their Industry.


  • To grow globally by partnering as key enablers in our client’s growth by consistently delivering value and to provide complete satisfaction and solution to their problems professionally with sincerity, integrity and personal attention. To provide multi-disciplinary services under one roof thereby helping the clients to achieve their goals and excel amidst competition.


  • Teamwork : To build a motivated and committed team of professionals where all members work hand in hand to achieve a common goal.
  • Excellence in service : To not just meet but exceed client expectations consistently by imbibing Teamwork, Professionalism, Personalized Service & Specialization.
  • Professionalism : Maintain highest standards of integrity and confidentiality and Ensure transparency in all client dealings.
  • Proactively assess and service client needs.
  • Personalized Service : To ensure sensitivity to client-specific needs.
  • Specialization : To assign the most appropriate skilled and specialized Professionals to meet all assignment specific requirements.